OPENING SEPT. 23 2022 @11AM

Start your Fall family tradition

Fun for the whole family

Corn Maze & Maze After Dark

Largest corn maze in the area. Professionally designed and GPS planted. Come out and enjoy the maze after dark, all fun and no scare!

Pumpkin Patch

Enjoy the experience of the great family tradition of finding the perfect pumpkin. You can carve it here or at home.

Hay Ride

Enjoy the beautiful creekside setting on our 200 acre family farm.

Bonfire Pit

Enjoy s'mores with your family while you're here. Or, rent for a more private group experience.

Included in Admission

  • Free Parking
  • Corn maze
  • Hay ride
  • Courtyard games
  • Children’s play area
  • Smores area
  • Pumpkin carving station

Additional Activities

  • You pick pumpkins – Price Depends on Size
  • Rent a Bonfire Pit

Creekside Corn Maze is located in the beautiful Butternut Valley, our farm is 200 acres surrounded by beauty and wildlife the Butternut creek flows through 3 sides of the farm, Creekside Corn maze is also home to many animals including horses, cattle, sheep, and goats.  The farm is one of the most beautiful places in the state to witness the magic of the fall colors.  Our maze is professionally designed and GPS planted.  The maze spans over 10 acres and will have you twisting and turning trying to find your way out for hours, Finding the perfect pumpkin for carving is easy with our huge 5 acre pumpkin patch (pre picked pumpkins also available). There are interactive and educational games throughout the maze, and don’t forget the family friendly play area with everything from playgrounds, cornhole, games and more. Seeing the farm on our hayride is a truly magical experience you may even be lucky enough to spot some whitetail deer or turkeys and there is always the farm animals as well  No trip to Creekside is complete without a visit to one of our many bonfire pits to enjoy the crisp fall evenings and feast on Smores. come out and start your fall family tradition with us!

The Zrowka family welcomes you to enjoy all our family farm has to offer.

Perfect for Fieldtrips!

Field Trips at Creekside Corn Maze aren’t only fun but educational as well, spend a day at the farm enjoying the twists and turns of our giant corn maze.  We offer educational programs with lessons on the stages of crop growth as well as the animals on the farm. What better way to learn than by having fun while you do it.  We offer educational field trips for schools, scout groups, church groups, and more. Please fill out our field trip questionnaire to have all your questions answered. We look forward to seeing your group at creekside. Field trips are available Monday thru Friday only and spots fill fast so get in touch soon to plan your perfect field trip to the farm.


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Sponsor / Advertising

From vendor opportunities to event/activiity sponsorships, there’s an opportunity for you to get your brand infront of hundreds of people, families, and organizations heading out to our corn maze.